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Kathleen Olmstead

I found the silent films we watched enjoyable and not too difficult to relate to because in the end they are telling a story like modern films do and just like novels do, simply in a different manner.

I did found "The Great Train Robbery" to be the more enjoyable of the two silent films we viewed in class. I think I found this film more enjoyable because the story is more grounded in reality and follows some more modern conventions of film.


I really enjoy watching old movies. To me they are not only entertainment but a social look at tims past. In both movies I was amazed at the amount of violence I saw. Who says films are too violent bad now. In The Great Train Robbery, they assault and man, rob him and tie him up, beat up a man and through him off the train and shoot a passenger in the back. In A Trip to the Moon, they discover they can kill the aliens so they do so willy nilly (thats a technical term I'm sure).
I think I liked the Trip to the moon the best. it was a goofy movie but it was interesting to see how people may have vied the possiblity of going to the moon there and that even in fantasy we are killing off "the savages".

Justin W

They aren't films that I would normally choose to watch. I do understand that they are from a different era and play a significant role in the history of film. I guess I just don't have the passion for them.

Mohammed Alsalman

silents films were entertaining. very classic and you can learn from them easy if someone interested on filming because its very historical and the stories were very good. In the Great Train Robbery was little confusing for me little bit probably the movement were quick. I think because it was silent movie otherwise the movie Trip to the Moon was enjoying it drives the viewers to imagining and have excitement to watch even it was classic movie also possibly because I like funny simple movies.

Connor Courtney

I agree with Kathleen. The train Robbery was my favorite one. I didn't find any of them hard to relate too. You could always tell what was going on in the story. I think it's sometimes refreshing to watch "silent" films. I sometimes enjoy going back and watching Charlie Chaplin's films from time to time. I think it's cool to see how movies can tell a story without using character dialogue, but you can still tell what is going on. I noticed in The Train Robbery, when they were collecting the passenger's possessions, they exited the screen on the right headed towards the caboose, and entered the next shot from the right at the front of the train.

Alexander Bellairs

I'm a history guy, so being able to see old films like this is very enjoyable. Though they may pale in comparison to later works in the areas of plot development and special effects, it's very interesting to get into the mindset of someone from the turn of the 20th century and view these as they would: technological marvels in storytelling.

My preference was for "The Great Train Robbery," primarily for its pragmatism in comparison. "A Trip to the Moon" just seemed a bit silly to my tastes.

cullen manley

I found the silent movies we watched entertaining, unusual, and valuable being that they are over one hundred years old. There is something I find fascinating about watching movies filmed when the world was so different from how it is now it makes me wonder what people one hundred years from now will think of movies we made. Cinematography has advanced so much since these films were made will it continue to change or remain similar? I think "The Great Train Robbery" was comical and also introduced filmmakers to some of the earliest illusions (like the moving landscape in the background on the train) that can be created in film. "A Trip to the Moon" was very abstract and psychedelic demonstrating that movies did not need to be realistic to be enjoyable and opening the door to fantasy.

Brandon F

I found the silent films to be very interesting. the way both films showed how movies today are still using similar themes and ideas. "a trip to the moon" had many of the same elements that you still find in science fiction movies. I liked the way they used the sets to create a larger picture of the world the were in similar to a play but also using some filming tricks that showed how special effects have been important in movies right from the beginning.

Aurea Escobedo

I really enjoyed the films I thought they were very imaginative for that time period. I found some of it hard to believe because I'm use to watching affects that are more real and are perfected with technology. I think that they are entertaining and fun to watch.

Connor Courtney

I agree with Alexander. The trip to the moon was a bit goofy and over the top for me. I don't regret seeing it, but I won't be going back to view it again anytime soon.

Mychal Bowden

I enjoy watching "old" films and I find that the silents are especially interesting because they're telling the story in a much different way than modern films. In these films, they're using the actions and the movement of the actors to help propel the story along and this was well before they starting to use title cards and sound to display dialogue. So these early silents are a much more expressive form of the movies in a sense.

Sultan Alkhelaif

Silent movies make me intellectual engaged. I usually enjoy the fact that I am free to build the scenario and the dialogue without altering the novel message. Silent movies from my prospective are a good method to train ourselves to see the same topic from different angles

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